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Public Speaking

Speaking convincingly, speaking in front of an audience and presentation techniques


“Public speaking”, still a number one fear for many people. It doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone who really wants to can obtain the knowledge, the techniques and the skills to give a successful speech and at the same time enjoy doing it. We’ll also teach you how to make a professional presentation.


A two-day seminar given by two experienced speakers and coaches.


Our targeted audience is everyone who wants to learn how to speak in public or how to give a professional presentation for example managers, entrepreneurs, sales men, politicians, and more.




The first day we’ll teach you the theoretical skills and provide you with the tips and tricks to put this knowledge into practice. On the second day we will still give you some additional guidelines but you’ll also get into action yourself. You’ll have to give a speech or presentation and our professionally trained speakers will coach you to make your presentation flawless.


 Following topics will be addressed:


  • Are you born a speaker

  • Where does the fear op speaking in public come from

  • What happens in your brain and your body when you’re speaking

  • How to control your fears and nerves

  • Why charisma is an asset

  • How to become an excellent speaker in no time

  • Learning from other successful speakers

  • Boosting your self-esteem

  • How body-exercise can help you to give a speech with ROI (return on investment)

  • Memory techniques to memorize your speech or presentation

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Use of words, tone of voice, intonation and color

  • How to make a professional preparation

  • How to structure your story

  • How to make optimum use of your time

  • Humor, strong openers and closers

  • Posture and non verbal communication

  • How to play an audience with 'emotion' and let them do what you want

  • Stories, metaphors and own experience as a powerful resource

  • Answering questions and how to deal with ‘tricky questions’

  • How to deal with ‘disturbing’ participants

  • How to motivate and convince your audience

  • Continuous self-improvement


We will also talk about some practical issues like:


  • Room setup

  • Use of music

  • Use of a microphone

  • Use of slides or a flip-over

  • Use of the space in the room

  • Use of the stage

  • How to make an entrance

  • Appearance, clothing, jewels and other accessories





  • Training materials

  • Coffee break and lunch




Chris Cotteleer, a passionate trainer and coach


It’s his mission to get people and companies to reach better results by strengthening their personal effectiveness, communication, sales and leadership. People appreciate his dynamic, empathic, interactive and results-oriented approach. His trainees affirm that his approach has an impact on individuals as well as teams and larger groups. With his 25 years of experience, Chris became an expert in training of individuals and companies. He is a well-known speaker in Belgium and abroad.


Co-trainer Guy


Guy is a trainer and coach that has worked many years with the famous Dale Carnegie Training Institution. By facing his own fear of speaking in public, he became a professionally trained trainer, coach and public speaker. He studied regularly in de United States where he learned from the best. He has already coached a lot of individuals on public speaking. Among others, he trained managers, managing directors, politicians and sales men. He shares his experience by coaching various companies and associations. It’s his passion to transfer his knowledge onto others, in order to help them to develop new skills and guide them towards their goal. His motto: Speaking like Obama..? No, you can learn to speak even better than Obama!


Your investment: € 1.150 (excl. 21% VAT)


Warning: To guarantee high quality, there are only limited spaces available. So don’t hesitate to reserve your seat!

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