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19 Sep 2016

The Secondary Question

Many salesmen find it difficult to successfully use a 'closing question'. Yet  there is a simple way to accomplish this by using "The Secondary Question".

First of all, the salesman must assume that the customer really is interested to obtain the product or service the salesman has offered him to buy after his sales speech. Once you as a salesman believe this, you will also be pretty sure that the customer will accept the proposal and that he will want to buy as soon as possible. From now on, the salesman has to make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy. Asking for a small decision that is inseparable from the big decision "to buy or not buy ', that is what we in the jargon call 'The Secondary Question'. This technique is based on asking the major purchase question indirectly, while immediately setting it aside with a question of less importance.


Salesman: "I think we have discussed everything there is to discuss, Mr. and Mrs. .... All we have to do now is put together the work assignment. By the way, do you prefer a check or cash for your advance?"


Customers: "Could we also transfer the money?" (The customers have purchased.)


Salesman: "Given the colors of your home, Mr. and Mrs. ..., I think this model will be the most interesting one  for you. Do you prefer this model with a stainless steel top or with a handle?"


Customers: "We'd like it better with a top." (The customers have purchased.)


The psychology behind this closing technique is simple. It is the responsibility of the salesman to make the purchase as easy and painless for the customer as possible. This way the customer will be able to accept a minor decision, the major purchase being disappeared completely out of sight. To achieve this the seller will often use the installation or delivery date.


Seller: "Mr. and Mrs. ..., when would you like to have your product installed/delivered?"


In deciding 'when' it will happen, the decision 'that' a purchase will happen is included.

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