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Open Sales Seminars

A couple of times a year, we organize Open Sales Seminars. These seminars are 3 days long and each day has its own theme. The most popular day (where we talk about closing) returns two times, on Sunday and on Wednesday. This to make sure everybody is able to take part in our 3-day-training.


Another possibility is to follow each day individually. So if you just want to follow our session about Body Language on Tuesday, that’s no problem at all.

A 3-Day-Ticket can also be used at different times, for example the first time you’ll follow ‘Closing’, the next time you’ll follow ‘PreSales’ and then a couple of months later you’ll finish of with ‘Body Language’.


The package for our participants contains per day:


1 Handout/workbook that the participants can use to personalize the material to their personal work environment


2 Audio-CD’s (1 per session) with in total approximately a 2:30 h summary of the material of the day


4 Reminders that will remind the participants to rehearse the material on the ideal moment, following the method of the Polish Professor Wozniak

            1° time 48 hours after the session

            2° time 10 days after the session

            3° time 30 days after the session

            4° time 60 days after the session

            (Repeated like this, the participants will know by heart more than 90% of the material)


26 Short video-reminders via a mobile-app with multiple-choice questions

            (These videos will also reappear following the algorithm of Professor Wozniak until 100% of the material is known)


1 Information package for the manager with a summary of the material

            (This contains the K.P.I.’s that can help the manager to indicate if the learned material is being used in practice, as well as recommendations and sales-management-tips)


1 Voucher to join our monthly ‘Drill Training Sessions’

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