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Bootcamp Sales

By participating in one of our Bootcamps Sales (B2B and B2C), you can double your sales results. We can make an account manager, a ‘Top Account Manager’. By means of intensive training and coaching, role-play with professional actors, body coaching from famous choreographer Michel Froget and a powerful mixture of theory and drill exercises by Chris Cotteleer, we’ll bring out the best in you.


It doesn’t matter in which industry you’re active and what products or services you sell. The B2C-salesmen get to deal with creating a moment in which they convince the client to buy their product, so their focus must be on closing the deal. Whereas B2B-salesmen have to built long term relationships with their clients and use a different approach. Research shows that 50% of sales done in a B2B-context is based on a feeling of ‘friendship’ between the vendor and the buyer. So it’s very important to nourish this connection between the client and the company.


Top Account & Key Account Managers are distinguished from their fellow vendors because they are able to convince their clients fluently to chose for their company. They have the ability to motivate their clients, and their internal team. They have a clear, but flexible structure in which they can steer every conversation towards a collaboration, which results in high revenue. Top Account Managers are not only better than their colleagues; they have the tools to become a better version of themselves.


Topics dealt with during the seminar:




If you understand the structure of motivation and are able to integrate it in your communication, you’ll not only motivate your clients but also yourself (to achieve your goals) and your team.


Long-Term Sales


A nice conversation with your client is one thing. But preparing this conversation with a structure in mind to get long-term results will have a huge impact on your results as an Account Manager.


Empathic Influence


In psychology they call it the second position. Popularly it’s called ‘empathy’. Being empathic is looking through the eyes of the other person (the client) and hearing with the ears of your interlocutor and feeling what he or she feels. If you’re a master of this skill, you’ll seem very pleasant and trustworthy, which will lead to a good conversation with your clients.




Every conversation, every workday, every workweek is in need of proper preparation. With the right preparation, you can achieve so much more. In our PreSales segment, we’ll teach you how to be a well-prepared Manager.


Walk like a Winner


Famous choreographer Michel Froget will put the theory you learned into action. You will never be the same again. Michel is the perfect person to teach you how to walk tall. He is known as one of the best in his sector. The participants will get to know their body in a new way and how to use their body differently.


Training Rhythm


This is a real bootcamp, no luxury vacation! We will work from 9 AM until 21:30 PM. In total there are 15 coaching sessions from 1,5 hour. This week is very intensive because we use practical drill exercises, role-play with real actors and have physical training from Michel Froget. Definitely not for sales-softies!




On the last evening we’ll spend together, the participants will have to give a presentation before a jury. The jury consists of business leaders and managers with a lot of experience. Their judgment is important for obtaining the diploma of ‘Top Account Manager’.




  • Normal Price: € 1.750

  • Early Bird Price: € 1.350 (€ 400 discount)

  • Watch out! Places are limit! Only 12 participants per bootcamp

  • Prices are excl. VAT




  • Handbook

  • Diploma

  • 4 night stay in a private room

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Audiobook ‘Body Language’ made by Chris Cotteleer


We have a ‘first come first served’ policy.



We also do ‘In-Company’ Bootcamps, tailored to your company. Available when there are minimum 9 participants. Contact us for more information.

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