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Bootcamp Leadership



Extreme results without making yourself and your team crazy.


Through intensive training and coaching, working on cases, brainstorming with your fellow participants and body training (from famous choreographer Michel Froget) you’ll get a mixture of theory and practical exercises. It doesn’t matter in which industry you’re active and what products or services you sell, this bootcamp will surely bring you to the next level.




This Leadership Bootcamp will give you answers to the following issues:

  • In what direction do I want to go with my team/company?

  • How to coach your team/employees

  • How to put together a team

  • How to know if you’re going the right way

  • How can I perform optimally in my role as a leader?

  • How to transfer your vision to the group

  • What’s the body language of a ‘natural’ leader?


The coach: Chris Cotteleer


Chris has more than 25 years of experiences as a Personal Life and Company Coach. He has coached thousands of managers and leaders of different kinds of companies all over the world. From small businesses to large multinationals, he has done it all.


His coaching sessions are a mixture of entertainment and knowhow and are known for their practical use. He knows the right answer for all the problems you are dealing with as a leader.




These topics will be dealt with during this intensive training:


  • Desired State, Mission and Vision: A leader has a vision for the future. The future of his section, the future of his company. The leader wants to fulfill a ‘role’ with his team, that’s the ‘mission’ of the company and the team. Vision and mission are concepts decided by the management and look good on paper, but usually they are not applied on the work floor. We will teach the leader how to transport the mission and vision onto the work floor. We use structures like ‘Current State’ and ‘Desired State’ to help leaders focus on the problems and failures of their current system and possibilities to change those.


  • Putting together the perfect team: You may need 11 individual players to play football, and they may be the best of the best, but to win the match, you’ll need them to work together and play ‘for each other’. There’s no difference in business.  A team of enthusiastic and optimistic people can go down smiling, because of the lack of a realistic pessimist that pays attention to the pain points of the system. During the sessions you’ll learn what your team needs to be balanced.


  • How to get feedback and how to deal with it: You can only improve what you can measure. Nevertheless, control is a major pitfall of many executives. Some may only take into account the ‘activity’, whereas others may only take into account the ‘results’. How do you get the team members on a level where they take full ‘ownership’ for the expected results? Do your team members take full responsibility for their results or do they hide behind excuses and ‘circumstances’? Commitment, not only from your clients but also from your team, is an important lesson for every leader.


  • Coaching your team: Coaching became a trendy word that is being used excessively. But for a leader it is such an important word, it can make or break the team, the success of his company and the success of his or her role as a leader. Where ‘training’ of your team will guide their behavior, ‘coaching’ them will change the mindset of your team. People who think differently will act differently, also during moments without supervision. The coaching of your team is one of the most important skills a leader will learn in our sessions.


  • Your role as a leader: To be a leader, first you have to know where you want to go with your team. What topics do you want to focus on? What values have to be respected to get results in an ethical way? Once you’ve decided what your goals will be, there is room to thinks of possible strategies to achieve these goals, and break them down into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rituals. The most important thing is that the leader had a good view on what the main goals are, and what his role is in every step to success.


  • Body Language: In this session, the leader will learn how to use the right body language to seem ‘reliable’ and ‘confident’. A message can be verbally strong, but if not supported by the right body language, it will cause confusion in the team. A message has to be both verbally and non-verbally (body language) strong. The one who stands up and takes the lead, is the natural leader of the group.


  • Walk like a Leader: In addition to the theoretical session on body language, you’ll learn how to put this material into practice. Famous choreographer Michel Froget will teach you how to ‘Walk like a Leader’. He will teach you how to walk, how to sit, how to stand up again, how to use the space around you and much more. You’ll have a whole new idea about how to use your body, and you will never walk the same again.



Co-trainer, Michel Froget: Michel is a well-known figure in the world of television, media and dance and is one of the best in his trade. Michel is not only a spectacular dancer but he’s also a teacher at various dancing schools and a popular choreographer.


Training Rhythm


We start at 9:00 AM and work until 7:00 PM.

Your investment = € 2.300,00 per participant (excl. VAT)




  • Handbook

  • 4 night stay in a private room

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Audiobook ‘Body Language’ made by Chris Cotteleer


We have a ‘first come first served’ policy.

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