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Our Mission and Vision

VISION: in the next decades, customers will seek for ultimate Shopping-Experiences.
Companies and Brands will invest time and money to provide these experiences to their customers.

Whatever smell, taste, sound or image they provide, it will all fall down like a house of cards, if the Personal Contact Experience isn’t of the same high level as the sensory-experiences.


MISSION: boosting the Return On Investment (ROI) by inspiring people to their next level of performance.
Making companies GROW by inducing the growth of their people. Optimizing Personal Contact Experiences for the customers of our customers.


VALUES: four values we live and provide

  • Authenticity: we deliver something ‘different’

  • Profitability: the main reason of our existence.

  • Growth: because in nature, you grow or you are dying.

  • Adaptability: we align with your company-cultural-style.


TOOLS: what we have for our customers

  • Open and In-Company Coaching/training modules

  • Inspiring Coaches/Trainers

  • Books, Audio-books, Handouts, Workbook’s

  • Growth-Advisors informing on possibilities


Chris Cotteleer

Sales & Personal Life Coach

Chris Cotteleer is the founder of ‘The ROIboosting Academy’. His coaching style is a mixture of knowhow and entertainment. Our clients appreciate his ‘down-to-earth’ approach, which provides immediately useful communication techniques that will give ‘salesmen’ and ‘leaders’ the ‘boost’ they need on their search for Return On Investment (ROI).

Michel Froget

Walk like a Winner

Michel Froget is a well-known figure in the dancing scene and he is known as one of the best in his profession. Michel is not only a gifted dancer, he’s also a much sought after teacher in various dancing schools and an inspirational choreographer. In the session ‘Walk like a Winner’ you’ll discover your body in a new way and learn how to use it differently. You will never walk the same again.

Guy Dupont

Public Speaking

Guy Dupont is your tower of strength on ‘Public Speaking’. His years of experience in coaching of speakers are greatly appreciated by the participants of the Public Speaking Seminars. Together with Chris Cotteleer he’s coaching the participants of the Public Speaking Seminars to be better speakers with more confidence.

Steven Thys


Steven Thys is a record holding Salesman (and sportsman). He is regularly the drill-sergeant on duty at our drill-days where salesmen can enjoy intensive practical training from this experienced Trainer and Salesman.

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Growth Advisors

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Guy Dupont

Guy Dupont has years of experiences in consultancy and coaching of companies in the optimization of their structure and management system and at achieving their ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standards. From his experience, Guy is well placed to advise our clients regarding training opportunities for their company and their team.

Ruben Moreel

Ruben Moreel has experience as a real estate agent in Belgium and abroad. He combines his advising function as Growth Advisor with his function as Personal Assistant. This makes him the perfect person to schedule your personal and business training.

Joris Suykerbuyk

Joris Suykerbuyk is an experienced Account Manager in the insurance industry. His sales-experience results in to-the-point conversations with our clients and they will find a professional and pleasant interlocutor on possible growth for themselves and their team.

Nelson Mota

As a Business Consultant, Nelson assists his clients in improving the Return On Investment (ROI). He will always look for the suitable solution within your company in order to improve the results and to grow your company.

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